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You All Will be Smiling Twenty Years from Now

Notice I said SMILING! That's right. You will be smiling with enjoyment at beautifully crafted portraits of you or your family instead of laughing at yourselves twenty years from now, because YOU are going to follow these great tips on how to look your best for your portrait session.

1. Get your beauty sleep. Unless you are hoping for a zombie style shoot, make sure you get enough rest to look alive and well!

2. Do NOT stress! RELAX! Your photographer is there to help you and guide you and/or your family. Panicking or being anxious as you try to dress everyone and get them out the door on time will stress you and/or your family out and no one wants the plastered on angry "everything's fine" smile in all of their family portraits. Repeat after me: "It will be okay!"

3. Arrive a little early and ready to enjoy yourself. As a photographer, I am glad to give you memorable portraits. If you are in a rush or do not really want to be there, that is the memory you will have. Give yourself good memories.

4. Wardrobe - Feel free to send a picture to your photographer for feedback.

* Pick a color scheme with 2-3 main colors that compliment each other. If you are planning on decorating with the portraits, pick colors that go well in your home and that you feel good wearing. Tip: lay everyone's outfit out and take a picture of it all together to see how it looks before the professional shoot.

* Be aware of WHERE you are taking pictures so that you stand out from your background.

* Have everyone wear something slightly different than each other. You don't typically dress the same, so why do it for family photos?

* Go for classic styles rather than on trend styles (revisit the title ;-) ) this will keep your portraits timeless.

* Feel free to wear layers and accessories to add interest and dimension that draws everything together.

* Limit patterns/graphics so that YOU are noticed in the portrait rather than that t-shirt you loved at the time.

* There is a time to try a new style and look - now is not that time. Now is the time to style yourself in a tried and true way you know looks good on you.

* Overall you want to wear clothes that flatter your shape, that look nice (not everyday casual), that are "you"

* Hair should have a natural look to it and frame your face rather than being put back in a pony tail.

* Make-up should also have a natural look to it so that it is an enhancement, not a distraction from your beauty.

You are going to do GREAT! I look forward to working with you. Please message me with any questions you have.

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God Bless,


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