Life Style

Family is so much more than our busy routines. The love of a family is the sum small moments together.  Over time they accumulate to form a portrait of your family. My oldest daughter is growing up quickly before my eyes. Everyday is a blur and at times it is difficult to remember those precious baby curls and sticky fingers, because now she’s curling her hair and applying lip gloss imagining her future as a chef. My sons no longer cling to me like they did as babies. Now they are the world’s last hope as superheroes and someday they’ll be grown and doing real heroic things. Let me capture those little moments for you, not simply so you can remember all the times spent together, but so your children can look back upon timeless photos and remember you right there along side them. Schedule time to simply enjoy each other as a family in your day to day life from hiking mountains to snuggling on the couch. I'll take care of everything else.
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Aurora, CO